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Skilled Lawyers

When you have made a mistake, or have been falsely accused of a crime, you need a proven lawyer fighting for you. I have worked for the US Department of Justice, the Federal Defender, District Attorney, and for years as a private defense attorney - that experience has prepared us to give you the best defense.

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Drinking & Driving DUI

The police make mistakes in stops and sobriety tests that can seriously hurt the prosecution's case against you. Fight to get your DUI reduced or dismissed!

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Marijuana DUI

The illogical 5 nanogram blood limit has made the defense of marijuana DUI cases even more complicated. It is now more important than ever you have the best legal defense.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal charges are serious, you must stand up for rights. Police often trample your rights detaining or searching you. We will use their mistakes to defend your case.

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Driver License Hearings

With DUI's, you are facing criminal charges, but many are not aware that the Department of Licensing can revoke your license – even if your criminal DUI charges are dismissed.

Immigration Law
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